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Dentists Reaching out to Seniors and the Disabled

Call 211 for information

WSDA Outreach is a reduced fee dental care program for low-income elderly, disabled, and Alzheimer’s patients. Dental services and laboratory charges are discounted by 25% and provided by participating members of the Washington State Dental Association and the Washington State Dental Laboratory Association.

Eligibility requirements can be obtained from your local referral agency by calling 211 from your landline or cellular telephone.


Cost of Care

  • Participating dentists reduce their usual and customary fees by 25 percent for patients who are eligible for this program.
  • If laboratory work is indicated as part of the treatment program, dentists, whenever possible, will use laboratories participating in WSDA Outreach who have agreed to reduce their charges by 25 percent.
  • Payment for services customarily will be at the time of treatment, although alternative financial arrangements are subject to mutual agreement between the dentist and patient.


Senior citizens must be 60 years of age or older, have an annual income* under $24,500, or a family income* (two person or more household) under $33,000, and no dental insurance or Medicaid coupons that cover dental care.

Disabled and Alzheimer’s Patients:
Patients must have an annual income* under $24,500, or a family income* (two person or more household) under $33,000, and no dental insurance or Medicaid coupons that cover dental care. There is no age restriction for disabled or Alzheimer’s patients.

*Total income from all sources, such as Social Security, SSI, pensions, 
interest income, and etc.

All patients must have their eligibility re-certified every 12 months.



  • WSDA Outreach forms are provided to referral agencies by the Washington Oral Health Foundation.
  • Patients accepted for the program receive these forms from the referral agency to give to the dentist at the initial visit.
  • Following treatment, the dentist completes and returns the form to the WSDA/WOHF office.

To find out if you are eligible call 211 from your landline or cellular telephone to be directed to your local referral agency.


Patient Referral

  • The local office of Area Agencies on Aging (including Senior Information & Assistance and Aging & Long Term Care) determines the eligibility for seniors, disabled and Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Dentists should refer interested patients to the appropriate agency to be enrolled in the program.  Patients may indicate to agency evaluators the name of their regular dental provider and be referred back to that dentist if the office is an Outreach participant.
  • When eligibility is approved, patients will be referred to one dentist or given a list of participating dentists in their area.
  • The patient must call ahead of time to schedule thier appointment. Participating dentists restrict the number and types or patients seen.
  • At the initial visit, patients will present their WSDA Outreach form to dental office staff.


  • This program provides basic dental procedures to treat dental disease, which may include fillings, crowns, tooth extractions or root canals.  It does not include implants, teeth whitening, or other elective and cosmetic procedures.
  • The treatment plan will be discussed with the patient and will be at the discretion of the dentist. Not all dentists do all procedures. The dentist has the right to accept or refuse a patient.