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WOHF is committed to preventing dental disease through education and access to care as Partners in Prevention with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington. 

The goal is to reduce the incidence of dental disease in low-income families by empowering children to assume more personal responsibility for their own oral health, helping families understand the impact dental disease has on the entire body, and teaching them how dental disease can be prevented.

The Foundation intends to achieve this goal by helping families understand the value of good oral health as it relates to overall health and by increasing access to care for those children who have no resources for dental care and/or no access to dental care due to caregivers’ time and transportation constraints.  By providing free education, access to diagnostic and follow-up dental care to children who qualify, and with the Boys & Girls Clubs’ ability to provide encouragement and transportation when needed to help children have a positive dental experience, we hope to change behaviors and decrease the incidence of dental disease.

In the last month alone, our volunteer dentists offered up more than thirty hours to twenty-seven patients that would have otherwise gone unseen. WOHF hopes to continue this ongoing effort with the boys and girls clubs to serve the families in need.

Components of the Initiative:



  • Family Oral Health Nights with a free dinner and program scheduled once a year at participating clubs to encourage family support with a preview of the education component, and to explain how a child can qualify for a free dental examination and referral for follow-up treatment
  • Comprehensive oral health education programs presented quarterly, monthly, or weekly through the Clubs’ Health and Life Skills program component.  Presentations are done by volunteer WSDA member dentists, University of Washington School of Dentistry students, allied members of the dental team, and WOHF staff
  • Oral health education and resources for low-cost dental care will be available for the entire family at participating clubs and will be distributed to caregivers through Boys & Girls Club members and staff


This initiative provides an opportunity to examine oral health education in the context of existing youth programs that focus on positive Health and Life Skills within trusted organizations that can simultaneously provide oral health education for the entire family.  



Special Projects and Recognition

Throughout the year, WOHF will provide opportunities for members of each club to participate in several activities to enhance oral health education and its importance to a person’s overall health, through:

  • Projects that involve the creation of oral health messages for peer groups using a variety of mediums that include video production, poster art, photography, PowerPoint presentations, and games
  • Field trips related to science, dental careers, and volunteerism for small special interest groups
  • Volunteer opportunities for members needing community service hours for Service Learning projects in school
  • Individual recognition within clubs, on the WOHF Web site, and at the annual Pacific Northwest Dental Conference, held at the Washington Convention and Trade Center in Seattle.