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AAS Intern Marcus Hwang


Marcus Hwang has been volunteering 2-3 hours per week with the Washington Oral Health Foundation since November 2012, coming into the WOHF offices for 2-3 hours per week. He was interested in working with WOHF after he saw a presentation through his local Pre-Dental club at the University of Washington.  Marcus has always been willing to help on any projects, but took interest in our Adopt-A-School program, where we pair dentists with local school nurses to ensure they have a free dental referral system in place in case of an oral health emergency.  Marcus is now using his time and skills to help us assess the program and formulate ways to expand beyond our 800+ schools adopted across the state.  Marcus brings an incredibly positive attitude (and mad piano skills that everyone loves) with him each week to the WOHF office, in addition to his piano skills that everyone here loves.  His curiosity and passion about dentistry and oral health is an asset to the Adopt-A-School program analysis and WOHF activities as a whole.


Thank you Marcus, for your time and efforts are truly making a difference.