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Dr. Dexter Barnes

Dr. Dexter Barnes is the President of the WOHF Board of Directors. In the past, Dr. Barnes worked with patients with dental fears in order to alleviate their worries. One patient from the Seattle Boys & Girls Club was so fearful she had not seen a dentist in four years, and was losing sleep over the thought of having to go. Dr. Barnes took this case on three years ago and has continued to personally see her to this day. She is now willing to be seen by a dentist, and profoundly advocates to other patients that going to the dentist can be fun! 
Most recently, Dr. Barnes led the charge to coordinate our 2013 Phone A Thon, spending hours of his time on the phone, organizing call sheets and crunching numbers.  We thank Dr. Barnes today for his willingness to help our community and WOHF through various events and volunteer opportunities.