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Volunteer Appreciation Week 2013

April 21-28

WOHF acknowledges some of our fantastic volunteers here, and thanks all dental professionals and volunteers for their time and efforts over the last year!


Dan G. Middaugh Student Leadership Awards

The Washington Oral Health Foundation would like to salute the UW School of Dentistry class officers for going above and beyond as dental student leaders.  The officers were honored at a dinner with WOHF and WSDA leadership on April 24th, 2013.  Thank you for all the work you do!

Class of 2013 President                Phil Matson                       

Class of 2014 President                Eric Olendorf                     

Class of 2015 President                David Ludwig                    

Class of 2016 President                Christine Oldenkamp    

Student Council Co-Pres:              Brian Christensen           

Student Council Co-Pres:              Tyler Smoot               


AAS Intern Marcus Hwang


Marcus Hwang has been volunteering 2-3 hours per week with the Washington Oral Health Foundation since November 2012, coming into the WOHF offices for 2-3 hours per week. He was interested in working with WOHF after he saw a presentation through his local Pre-Dental club at the University of Washington.  Marcus has always been willing to help on any projects, but took interest in our Adopt-A-School program, where we pair dentists with local school nurses to ensure they have a free dental referral system in place in case of an oral health emergency.  Marcus is now using his time and skills to help us assess the program and formulate ways to expand beyond our 800+ schools adopted across the state.  Marcus brings an incredibly positive attitude (and mad piano skills that everyone loves) with him each week to the WOHF office, in addition to his piano skills that everyone here loves.  His curiosity and passion about dentistry and oral health is an asset to the Adopt-A-School program analysis and WOHF activities as a whole.


Thank you Marcus, for your time and efforts are truly making a difference.


Dr. Christopher Delecki

Today we would like to thank Board Member Dr. Christopher Delecki for continuing to support our Adopt a School program. Dr. Delecki has always been on willing to see any child with dental pain, determine the best course of treatment, and insure that the treatment is successfully completed. He recently accepted a three-year position on the King County Board of Health (BOH), and will be the first dentist ever to serve on the Board. Dr. Delecki also serves as the Dental Director for the Odessa Brown Clinic in south Seattle and continues to volunteer his time to WOHF.


We sincerely thank you Dr. Delecki, for your gifts of time, expertise, and benevolence to our community.  



Dr. Thoa Nguyen

Dr. Thoa Nguyen has been giving back to her community by volunteering her time with the Washington Oral Health Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club in Rainier Vista.  She has spent countless hours performing general dentistry – fillings, cleanings, and scalings – and has also been providing limited orthodontia for the club members as well.  Dr. Nguyen’s professionalism, passion, and caring attitude proves to be a great asset to members of the Boys and Girls Clubs in King County, and we thank her for everything that she has done for our community.


We appreciate you Dr. Nguyen, for your giving nature and everything you continue to do for our community.


Dr. Timothy D. Wezeman and Dr. Luke Wezeman


Dr. Timothy D. Wezeman and Dr. Luke Wezeman, father and son, have been volunteering with WOHF through the Outreach Program since February of 2004. Since then, they have seen over hundreds of elderly and disabled patients at a fraction of the cost. Through their service Dr. Timothy Wezeman and Dr. Luke Wezeman have helped many people in our community get the proper dental care they need.

Today we thank both doctors for their hard work and dedication towards helping those in need.


Dr. Amanda Tavoularis

WOHF would like to salute our volunteer dentists who take time away from their practice to present oral health education and prevention information to kids at schools.  Dr. Amanda Tavoularis of Lynnwood Wash. is one example — she was recently asked by Trinity Lutheran Preschool to come in and present to a wide range of young children.  Dr. Tavoularis requested some WOHF materials, scheduled a presentation time, and presented to more than 110 youngsters, ages two through six.  WOHF is here to support all dental professionals who are willing to present at their local schools and community organizations. 


Thank you Dr. Tavoularis, and all of our WSDA members who give back by educating children both inside and outside your dental offices!


Mr. Ripp Cristel


Ripp Cristel has been volunteering with the Washington Oral Health Foundation since December 2012. He has always been willing to help out with any fundraisers and has also made trips to Enumclaw Middle School and Meecker Elementary to teach students about proper oral health care. Cirstel, a full time student at the University of Washington, commutes to the UW's Seattle Campus from Pyuallup and volunteers his time with other great organizations on campus as well. And while we're not sure where this married father of two gets his boundless energy, we are thankful for his altrustic nature, and for helping us give healthy smiles to the children in our community.


Dr. Dexter Barnes

Dr. Dexter Barnes is the managing Director for the Washington Oral Health
Foundation and also the current Vice-President to the WOHF Board of Directors.
Dr. Barnes has personally invested in patients with dental fears in order
to alleviate their worries. One patient in particular had not seen a dentist in four years and spoke of losing sleep over the thought of even going to the dentist. Dr. Dexter took this case on three years ago and has continued to personally see her to this day. She is now willing to see other dentist and proudly advocates to other patients that going to the dentist can be fun!
We thank Dr. Barnes today for his willingness to help our community and WOHF through various events and volunteer opportunities. 

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